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A decoration is anything used to make something more attractive or festive. If you're having a Valentine's Day party, drape your house in red and pink decorations. Decoration is also a type of honor, like a soldier's medal or stripe.


Photographs are amazing. Through photographs, we preserve history - our child's first steps, a decaying landscape, or rare and endangered animals. We use photographs to recall the first steps on the moon, the inauguration of a new president, the lifting of a flag on a far-away hill during war.


Videography refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media (e.g., videotape, direct to disk recording, or solid state storage like a tapeless camcorder) even streaming media. The term includes methods of video production and post-production. It is the equivalent of cinematography, but with images recorded on electronic media instead of film stock.


Surround sound is a term used to describe a type of audio output in which the sound appears to "surround the listener" by 360 degrees. Surround sound systems use three or more channels and speakers in front and behind the listener to create a surrounding envelope of sound and directional audio sources. The term surround sound has become popular in recent years and more commonly used since the advent of home theater systems.


Lots of things around us, food, stationery, furniture and oil... almost everything is carried from somewhere across (through/over) land, sea and the air.


Musical program is a type of art music that attempts to musically render an extra-musical narrative. The narrative itself might be offered to the audience in the form of program notes, inviting imaginative correlations with the music.

We Are Experts In

Decoration: 80%
Photography: 95%
Videography: 85%
Sound System: 98%
Transport: 85%
Musical Program: 70%

Core Services

Gate Decoration

Decorative metalwork gate. It won’t keep the dogs in (unless lined) but a gate this lovely is made more with inspiration in mind. Work with an artisan to create a gate that speaks to you and fits your site perfectly.

Stage Decoration

The in-house wedding stage decoration unit of Tamarind Weddings designs wedding stages and other venue setups. Wedding stage decoration may contain numerous elements such as traditional flowers, oriental flowers, standees and props, curtains, drapes, crystals, decorative stones and mirrors and other soft decorative elements. Each wedding stage is customized for different couples and their tastes and opinions are incorporated in the design.

Special Event Lighting

Transform your next party into something personal and unique through custom designed lighting from M&M. Whether it&rsuqo;s a standard or LED uplighting package, table pinspots, custom projection or stage lighting, we’ve got you covered.

Sound System

Designed as the perfect complement to Event Blue Swan is self-powered loudspeakers, the Galileo system includes array compensation for M Series array products, presets for our Sound systems of various sizes and types, and digital implementations of popular features developed over years by Event Blue Swan for its acclaimed analog processors, including air absorption compensation filters and equalization from the CP-10, VX-1, and LD-3.