Our position on...

Our Code of Business Principles commits us to running our operations with honesty, integrity and openness. Our approach is always to understand issues of concern and respond.

Our consumers sometimes have specific questions about our products while other stakeholders ask about the way we run our business. Here we address some of these questions.

Advertising & marketing

We use advertising and marketing as a way to engage with consumers on issues that matter to them. Marketing and advertising have many benefits. They help us tell people about our latest innovations, inform consumers about what’s in our products and recommend how they should be used. They can even help us change society for the better: Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, for example, challenges stereotypes about the way people look. However, the very power of marketing communications means that they must be used responsibly.

We have signed up to, and helped to define, global standards for the industry, centred on the promise that our advertising and marketing will always be “legal, decent, honest and truthful”. Independently, we have also made landmark decisions about our own practices. For example, we do not target children under six years old and we never use ‘size zero’ models in our advertising.

We are Strong

Food Products: 90%
Beverage Products: 80%
Oil Products: 95%
Stationary Products: 85%
Electric Products: 75%

Safety & Environment

Safety is an essential element of a successful and sustainable business. We take our responsibility to protect our consumers,
our employees and the environment we live in very seriously.


Consumer safety

We conduct risk assessments to assure the microbiological safety of our products and technologies. One area where risk assessments have been extensively applied is for the provision of safe drinking water by in-home microbiological water-treatment systems. These systems help reduce exposure to contaminated water, particularly in developing countries where many people rely on boiling or bottled water.

Environmental safety

Our environmental safety team assess the risks of adverse effects occurring in the environment as a result of the use and disposal of Ahana’s homecare and personal care products. These assessments consider the aggregated uses of an ingredient in all Ahana products marketed in each country or region.

Occupational safety

The safety of processes requires a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate the potential risks. An integrated approach is also used to consider environmental impacts arising from the manufacture and distribution of Ahana products. Occupational Safety, Environmental Sustainability, Consumer Safety assess potential risks & impacts arising from new ingredients, products, packaging or new manufacturing & supply chain technologies that are being evaluated for use in Ahana.

Science & technology

We have been working in multidisciplinary teams to help shape innovations that are safe for our consumers and workers, and better for the environment. Our risk assessments covering consumer, occupational and environmental safety, and impact assessments for environmental sustainability, are underpinned by robust science across our many different scientific disciplines.

We Are Experts In

Food & Beverage: 85%
Total IT Solution: 95%
Event Management: 90%
Construction Work: 80%
Land Support: 75%

Our Services

Total IT Solution

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Event Management

We have a breadth of in-house industry expertise, including highly experienced event planners and managers, technical producers, creative specialists, and business advisers, all of whom are supported by a tried and tested network of suppliers around the world.

Construction Work

We are a market leader in the Construction sector of Bangladesh. It consists of the following services: Dredging Services, Painting Work, Pre-Erection Works, Interior Design, Electrical Work, Painting, Water Treatment Plant, Civil Engineering and More...

Land Support

It is our responsibility to plan and design the District of basic infrastructure for roads, watermains, sanitary sewers, and drainage. We provide information such as plans of existing infrastructure, design specifications and standards, and survey information.